Boudoir_Portrait_Lauryn_Kay_Photography-115ps Boudoir_Portrait_Lauryn_Kay_Photography-116

I am finally starting to accept that I am not always going to get things right the first time around. Creativity is a process–it’s not a line, it is something that takes you in a million directions at once before you come to a solution. And once you come to a solution, that solution may not be right.

The first time I edited these images, I edited them in color.  They were far more light and airy than it is now and the mood was entirely different, but I was looking through my galleries today and stumbled upon these images. Once I saw it I knew I needed to take them in a totally different direction. This is actually the mood I had originally intended for the photos when I took them: dark, moody, silhouette, but when I edited it the first time, I think I got a bit scared that people wouldn’t respond to that. Sometimes I feel like the wedding industry is so obsessed with happiness and brightness, it misses out on true beauty–emotion, darkness, reality.  

I am so glad I changed this one because I truly love it now.

Here is what it looked like before:
Lauryn_Kay_Photography_Bridal_Boudoir (5)smallSo, tell me, which one do you like more?

Much love!