A Boudoir Session is a special experience, but it is understandable that the concept can be a bit nerve-racking and you may not know what you are getting yourself into.  So, I have put together a little guide to give you a better idea of what to expect.


Will my images be seen by anyone other than the makeup artist and my photographer? 
No, not if you don’t want them to!  While I always love to add images to my portfolio, it is far more important to me that you are 150% happy.  That means that unless you give me your permission, I will not be sharing your images.  Some women consent to allowing me to use photos that do not include their faces or distinguishing marks, but it really is up to you.

How will I feel during my boudoir session?
You will likely initially be quite nervous, but we are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  We find that while the first few shots may feel a teensy bit awkward most women warm up quickly.  My goal is to make this a comfortable, liberating experience for you.  You are feminine, strong, and beautiful–I want to capture whatever that expression looks like for you!
How will I feel physically?
Boudoir posing is generally a bit uncomfortable but that’s okay, that’s how you know I am doing my job!  I will be asking you to stretch and elongate your body as well as use some muscles you generally wouldn’t use.  That can mean that you will walk away with some core and back soreness at the end of the session.
Where do you photograph the session?
In my home studio.  I am blessed to live in a space that most photographers only dream of.  Seriously, I have some INCREDIBLE natural light in this space, and I find that beautiful light is what makes the most consistently beautiful and dreamy imagery, so you’re in luck!
What do I wear?
I generally recommend that you head to a local boutique and get fitted before your session.  I tend to recommend Lille Boutique on East Burnside because those ladies seriously know what they are doing, but you can always visit Nordstrom or Victoria’s Secret to get some guidance as well!  Wardrobe goes a long way in making you look and feel fabulous and that is definitely reflected in the resulting images.  If you need help, let’s talk a bit about your body shape and the vibe you are going for and come up with a plan.  I will say, however, teddies and bodysuits are universally flattering, so get yourself one of those suckers!
Well, I have to be in the best shape possible to do a session, don’t I?
No, you do not.  I have done maternity boudoir shoots that are incredibly beautiful and special, and I can promise you (as a pregnant woman myself) that they did not feel in the best shape possible.  But pregnancy is a part of our feminine experience and it is beautiful–let’s express that!  For those of you who think you need to lose five to ten more pounds before you do a session, wardrobe can make miracles happen, and it is my job to retouch your images to the best of my ability.  So trust me!


Do you retouch all the images you deliver to me?
For my boudoir clients, absolutely!  Retouching is included in all the final images I deliver to you, so I promise you, I will do my best to make you look and feel the best I possibly can while making sure you still look pretty and natural.
What about hair and makeup? 
I generally include a hair and makeup artist in all my session fees.  I want you to feel special, and having a great makeup artist beautify you is part of the experience.  My makeup artist includes lashes and makes your hair beautifully soft and curly.  However, if you are looking for a different look, just let us know!


Further questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as I am able!  Looking forward to meeting you!
xoxo Lauryn