I am really not good at sharing about who I am online because I am a fairly private person and I always hope that my work speaks for itself, but I know you all must be curious about the personality behind the pictures, so I am giving you a tiny peak into our lives.

For those of you who don’t know, I am eight months pregnant!  Yep, I am getting super big now.  Our baby girl will be arriving next month, so things have been a little crazy in our lives.  And, what’s more, in preparation for baby we have given up our beloved apartment to buy our first house.  It’s a very exciting time albeit a bit stressful for sure.

Makeup and Hair by the amazing Brittany Blanchard. Photo by my sweet hubby, Bob. Photo taken pre-pregnancy.

Bob and I have been married for about five and a half years at this point, and we are the proud parents of two very soft felines–Ramesses and Leila.  They bring so much lightness to our world, and we are praying that they warm up to our little munchkin when she arrives.

Bob and I are both huge nerds–we love “Game of Thrones,” “Harry Potter,” and “Lord of the Rings” (both the books and the movies, of course). Well, I should clarify, I am actually a bigger nerd than Bob and I have read, watched, and/or listened to all the books and movies–I’m not sure he can say the same, but we’re working on it.  While cleaning up our new house we have been listening to”A Dance with Dragons” and “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” to make the time fly by a bit quicker whilst we paint the night away.

Bob and I met at the University of Idaho.  We fell in love over our mutual loves for all things aesthetically pleasing and indie music.  Art plays a big part in our lives and our relationship (which probably makes sense since we are both artists, professionally).   Bob is an architect by trade and loves his firm.  He is also my second shooter and is an amazing photographer!  While he specializes in the wider-angle shots that look so epic,  I specialize in the cute, lovey-dovey stuff–especially candid photographs.

When I am editing and doing housework I LOVE to listen to podcasts.  Some of my recent favorites are Heavy, Crimetown, and Reply All.  I really love the shows that Gimlet Media produces.  I love drinking tea and coffee and keeping warm underneath a heating blanket while I work.  I am a HUGE fan of Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  I like to listen to grunge, emo, international, and indie singer/songwriter music.  Bob and I really bonded over our love for the band Brand New when we first met about ten years ago now, and our favorite concert we have had the pleasure of attending is Damien Rice.

We moved into our house two days ago, and I will happily share a few photos once we are a bit more settled-in.  Pregnancy hormones are raging inside me right now, so getting settled in should take less time than usual…Oh, nesting…I’ll keep you all posted!