One of the big reasons you should invest in a professional photographer like me is because we invest in ourselves on your behalf.  Your money does not go straight into my pocket–it goes back into my business and towards my education.  I invest in new equipment so that I am prepared on your wedding day, I pay for relevant classes, and I put your money towards business expenses.  As far as education goes professional photographers go to workshops, purchase and invest our time into online classes, and attend conferences to further learn and enhance our craft so that we can do a better job for you on your day.  This summer Bob and I went down to Southern California to celebrate our five-year anniversary, get a babymoon in, and, of course, so that I could attend Heck Yeah Photo Camp in Joshua Tree, California!  California light is beyond amazing, guys!  I was so lucky to get to shoot there.

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Heck Yeah Photo Camp is a conference put together by the wonderful Ben Sasso who is an amazing photographer out of Southern California.  This year, among others, Jose Villa, Ben Sasso, Sara K Byrne, Sam Hurd, Phil Chester, Stephanie Williams, and Ryan Muirhead were among those who spoke about their experiences with our craft.  If you don’t know who Jose Villa is, think of whoever the star of your field is–you know, the person you would turn into a puddle and pee your pants if you had the opportunity to meet– that person is Jose Villa’s equivalent.  Kinda like the Michael Jordan of wedding photography.  He is a film wedding photographer whose images are an integral part of your Pinterest, Instagram, and Style Me Pretty experience whether you realize it or not.  And, I can tell you now, if you have done anything wedding-related in social media, you have definitely seen his images.

heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8256 heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8248 heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8385 heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8368heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8489 heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8130heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8477

Throughout the conference we were able to watch the incredible teachers while they photograph and direct clients, listen to them explain their styles and techniques, attend Q&A sessions, watched presentations, and then we used those skills and photographed some gorgeous people at the end of the conference.  Well, it was an amazing experience, and I learned a lot throughout the conference (despite terrible morning sickness).  All the images attached are the resulting photographs!

heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8464heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8459 heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8411

Oh, and I will also share a few from our anniversary trip with you as well in a future blog post–so keep those eyes peeled!
heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8347 heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8436 heck_yeah_joshua_tree_-laurynkayphotography-8486This blog post is getting a little too hefty for my liking (too many to share and too little space to share them in!), so if you are interested in seeing more please feel free to follow THIS LINK to see more images from Heck Yeah!