When I was pregnant I got stretchmarks from here to Timbuktu and back again.  Seriously.  So.  Many. Stretchmarks.

I’d love to tell you all that I am totally happy in my own skin, so I didn’t care one little bit, but that would just be complete fabrication, and I try my best to be the most real person I can be (sometimes to my detriment). So, when beautiful Sam told me she had a ton of stretchmarks, I said, “Girl, join the club!  No worries, I can remove them if they are distracting.”


But after photographing gorgeous Sam, I texted her and said, “Hey, I was going to remove your stretchmarks, but I actually think they are kind of beautiful, so would you be upset if I keep them?”

She said, “No, they are beautiful, leave them!”


Ever since photographing Sam I have gone on my own journey about my body because she is so unbelievably comfortable in her skin.  And she is younger than me.  Don’t let people tell you that wisdom comes with age because that just isn’t always true.


You see, when I was pregnant, I gained a lot of weight: 60 pounds if we’re being for real, and before getting pregnant I had lost thirty pounds on my journey to getting more healthy, and listening to my body a bit more.  I still haven’t lost all my pregnancy weight, and still have 14 pounds to go, but I am giving myself grace because hell, I grew a human!  Ladies, if you’re not truly amazed by what our bodies can do, you really should be.  Because that is some amazing, mind-boggling stuff right there.


Congratulations to Sam, and thank you for teaching me to be a little kinder to myself!  You are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to meet that tiny little human you’re growing!

Hair and Makeup: Tiffany Randolph