These photos were taken when Sara was pregnant with her second child.  She was 37 weeks pregnant at the time, and obviously totally stunning in the maternal glow way you always hear about.


Sara and I are good friends.  About six weeks after I had given birth to Indie, Sara and I started to meet up regularly to share a cup of coffee and a good chat.  Sara helped me through the ins and outs of breastfeeding (so glad that’s over), talked me through teething, and sometimes just held Indie for a little bit when I needed a break.

So, when she informed me that she and her husband were planning to have a second child in the near future, I was the obnoxious person constantly asking if they had a positive test result yet until I finally got a yes! …thanks for being so patient with me, my friend…


So, suffice it to say getting to photograph her maternity photos was such a pleasure for me!  And, did I mention she gave birth about five days after the session?!  I guess we had perfect timing!


Congratulations to the whole family!  We can’t wait to meet the new member!
MUAH: Tiffany Randolph