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Montmartre Paris Couple’s Session

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I hope you all get lots of quality time with your loved ones today. In celebration of the holiday, I thought I would show off the photos Brad, Joanne, and I made together while Bob and I were visiting Europe.

I’ve known Bradley since I was twelve years old. Brad’s big sister and I have been besties since 2000, and I went to college in the town that their family calls home, so I became a bit of a fixture in their home. When I met Brad he was 7 years old and my way of wrangling he and his brother while I was babysitting was by running after he and his brother, Michael, and feigning that I would get my girl-cooties on them if they didn’t behave.

Well, suffice it to say that we have all grown up a bit! And, it was my pleasure to get to meet his dear, sweet girlfriend, Joanne, while we visited France. Joanne is a native Parisian and a truly kind person (even when we butcher every single word we try to pronounce in her native tongue–thanks for your patience!), and Brad seems to be quite smitten with her (understandably).

Thank you guys for letting me photograph your love in the city of love! Can’t wait to see you both again (hopefully) very soon! Hugs!