I am a wife to my best friend, Bob (who you’ll totally get to meet when you book us), and a mommy to my toddler, Indie, who is honestly, the light of my life.  I frequently snort when I laugh. I’m hopelessly clumsy. PE wasn’t really my thing because I was too busy rocking out to emo and grunge music! I love tacos and kombucha. I’m a nerd; don’t even get me started on “Game of Thrones.” I dance to “Sesame Street” even when Indie doesn’t dance along with me.

I recently asked nine of my closest friends, most of whom have known me across different spans of my life, how they would describe me in three words. The takeaway? Chic/Sophisticated. Compassionate/Sensitive. Creative/Artistic. Spunky/Witty. But above all, in the plainest and most coherent of terms: Genuine.