I am an energetic goofball who will make a total fool out of myself in order to get the happiest, laughiest and most “you” moments possible.

I will bend over backwards to get your photos edited as quickly as I can because I can only assume that you are DYING to see the end results from your day! Like, who wouldn’t be?!

I like to think of my photography style as fine art but with a little bit more spunk. As the super color-obsessed human that I am, I am not afraid to use bright, beautiful tones that are poppin’.


1) My bestie and I met when we were twelve and bonded over a mutual love of all things Harry Potter and the rest is history. Now she is my baby’s godmother (duh!).
2) My hubby and I met in undergrad at the University of Idaho and waited until the day he was moving out of town to admit our undying love for one another (sounds silly but it’s totally true). We have a toddler named Indie (short for Indigo). We named her after a jazz song.
3) I’m super loyal. I am still in touch with my elementary school friends and I am always trying to get them to move to Portland (maybe it’s a little selfish but I am CERTAIN they would be happier here with me. LOL).
4) I’m a podcast junkie. I like learning about all the things and listening to all the stories (which is why I can’t wait to hear all about yours)! I love crime podcasts and interview podcasts. If you need suggestions, just ask!
5) The vacations my hubby and I go on are typically based around history or buildings (or historical buildings). Again, we know, we’re nerds! But buildings and history do get you to some pretty freaking rad places… Like Mont-Saint-Michel and Hampton Court to name a few.
Thanks for your interest in me.  Now I can’t wait to learn all about you! Drop me a line and fill me in on your story. Oh, and make sure to give me all the ooey gooey details, too!