“Hiring Lauryn Kay Photography for our wedding was – by far – the best vendor decision my husband and I made! Lauryn is technically brilliant with her camera, lighting exposure, and photo editing, which is wonderful, but even more impressive is her incredible eye and talent for capturing not just an event, but the amazing experience of love and human relationships. The thing that sets her apart is who she is – she brings her whole, lovely self into her work and through her compassion and understanding captures more than just people and settings, she sees beauty and delight and reflects it back to us in her work. My husband and I, who are not particularly comfortable with being in the spotlight, felt so at ease working with Lauryn and her husband, Bob. On our wedding day, Lauryn and Bob demonstrated their professionalism, flexibility, and creativity; not only did they fit right in with our family and friends, they also blended right in – they were totally unobtrusive. The end result was a collection of photographs that are truly unique, touching, and absolutely priceless. Thank you, Lauryn and Bob, for beautifully capturing so many special moments from our big day!!! Without a doubt, these photographs will be treasured for a lifetime.”
-Zoe & Alex

“Booking Lauryn & Bob for our wedding was one of the best vendor decisions we made. It didn’t occur to me that we’d be spending nearly every moment of our wedding day with our photographers, but now that I know that, I’m so grateful it was them. When little things went wrong, Lauryn distracted me by asking me to pose for fun photos. They worked magic with our large wedding party & family; making jokes as necessary to lighten the mood. Neither my husband nor I feel particularly comfortable in front of a camera, but we felt totally at ease with these two and it showed in the end product. The photos are absolutely stunning. We received them in a timely manner and the hard copies were delivered in such a thoughtful way! If you need a wedding photographer, book Lauryn Kay Photography – you’ll be so glad you did!”

“…I must say from the bottom of my heart how thankful Zach and I were for our amazing photographers Lauryn and Bob, they went above and beyond for us, making us feel comfortable and making sure the day ran smoothly. All the while capturing pure beauty on the other side of the lens. I couldn’t have made a better choice and I also couldn’t have anticipated how much their presence AND their talent would impact our day. So thank you [Lauryn Kay Photography] you are truly amazing and I hope to see you and Bob again one day soon!”

“We had our engagement photos taken by Lauryn. The first professional photos taken of my now husband and I. My husband is a little camera shy and Lauryn was able to capture such genuine photos of him. Her work speaks for itself, she is extremely talented and has such a good eye. What you don’t see behind the camera is all of the great direction and coaching she gives to ensure you get great candid photos. Lauryn is able to capture more than just a photo. She captures feelings and emotions with her photographs…”

“When my husband and I got engaged back in 2013, one of our major priorities for vendor-selection was the photography. Neither of us cared for the overly-posed and stiff style; we were looking for a more photojournalistic approach that captured people in a more artistic and candid light. We took a chance, booking Lauryn and Bob with Lauryn Kay Photography even though we would be one of the first full weddings they had done, and let me tell you, they blew our expectations out of the water! Since we had a Catholic ceremony, there were certain parameters the photographers had to work within, but regardless, looking at the photos, you feel like you are right back experiencing the moment again in everyone’s candid faces. Polite, punctual, and always professional, Lauryn also has amazing attention to detail both in taking the actual photos as well as doing consultations over a cup of coffee to find out what your priorities are for the day and developing a schedule to get you the shots you (and your mom!) want. Their great sense of humor kept the mood light and fun and they can make us un-photogenic people look spectacular. My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing the multitude of shots taken of our family and guests at the reception, capturing little moments and interactions that we were too busy (but so happy!) to see. Book them! You will be in the best of hands.”

“From the beginning, I always said that wedding photos were the most important investment for me to make – and with Lauryn, it couldn’t have been truer! I’m really particular when it comes to photographers’ aesthetic, and Lauryn has one of the most artistic, classy, and unique styles I’ve ever come across. Lauryn goes above and beyond by offering an artistic eye that makes your wedding photos feel like a piece of art. Everyone I’ve shown the photos to have absolutely gushed over them, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Lauryn and her husband Bob for making our memories so beautiful!”

“I could not be happier with the team at Lauryn Kay Photography. Lauryn and Bob photographed our Portland wedding in August of 2015. We had no doubts of choosing Lauryn Kay Photography to photograph the most important day of our lives. They made us feel tremendously comfortable before the wedding by listening to our expectations, wants and needs and those were honored on the actual day and our pictures were exactly what we wanted and hoped for. We also went over a photo timeline beforehand, and a list of all the pictures needed or wanted, the name of the family or people, and possible combinations. That was helpful and calmed our stress and nerves because we knew Lauryn Kay Photography had it handled. Lauryn and Bob were professional, on time, worked hard and extremely helpful on the day of. They captured all the perfect moments from all the traditional shots to all the shots we had asked for and the end product was absolutely stunning and perfect. We are so glad and thankful that we chose Lauryn Kay Photography because photos are forever and capture such sweet moments in time and this team does it best! Thank you Lauryn Kay Photography, Lauryn and Bob, our photos are wonderful and your care and expertise in photography made our wedding day just that much more perfect.”
-Casey and Nichole

“Lauryn photographed our elopement and it couldn’t have been better! Her and Bob captured the most perfect photos of my wife and I, along with some of our closest friends. We’re so grateful for the memories that Lauryn provided us with.”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate working with Lauryn! Have to admit, I was a little nervous to do a maternity shoot like that, since my body’s been changing so much… Lauryn made it so easy and natural to pose, even with a cute baby bump of mine ? If you or one of your friends are looking for a wedding photographer I highly recommend Lauryn Kay Photography. This girl will do her absolute best to get you the best images of your special day! If only I could remarry my husband again I know who’d be in charge of my wedding pics!”