Peggy and I have been working together for the past three years or so.  When I first met her she was doing hair and makeup for a ton of bridal styled shoots so that she could get more of a foothold in the wedding industry.  She was fun, flexible and easy to work with, so we made quite the team and I recommended her to several of my brides. 

When she started working more heavily in calligraphy and illustration, I cheered her from the sidelines and asked her to contribute to my shoots with her paper goods, and seriously, they were soooo beautiful.  Maybe I will include some links to the shoots at the bottom of this post so that you can see all of the prettiness she made.



Anyway, after my extended maternal leave, I posted to Instagram, and Peggy texted me almost immediately, “Woman! Are you back in action?!”  And, when I said yes, she proceeded to ask me to take some head shots for her.  I have been pretty darn excited about this shoot and even more excited once I finished them up laaaaaaate (Anyone else stay up until three in the morning when they are on a roll and excited about a project?!) last night!


Peggy brought her pug, Lucy, along for the shoot, and, seriously, she is just about the sweetest dog ever, and so well-behaved, too!


Thanks so much for asking me to do your head shots, Peggy, and I can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

Update:  I have yet to post the styled shoots we worked on yet (working on one right now, actually), but Peggy did use her hair talents on this bride and her bridal party!  Click HERE to check it out!  Oh, and Peggy used her hair and makeup talents on THIS gorgeous styled shoot and THIS one, too! Enjoy!