NOTE:  This is the second part in a five-part series about where to start with your wedding planning journey!  Please check out THIS LINK if you haven’t read the first part!

Hello, again, I’m so glad you have returned!  I can’t wait to dive a little deeper into planning your wedding with you!  Yay!!!

So, let’s talk about the HOW for your wedding!  Oh, man, weddings can be done in so many special and unique ways, and that is truly one of my VERY VERY favorite things about them.  I can shoot three weddings in a week and have them all be completely different from one another: one at a family barn, one at a super-fancy vineyard, and one in the Pearl room of Powell’s Books–yesm you totally can married in Powell’s!  Crazy, right!?

Man, it is so so so fun to see how each couple does it!  Things that you may want to consider about the HOW are:

1) Do you want/need a wedding planner?
Now that you have sorted out your budget, it may be a bit easier to sort this one out.  If you have the budget and can afford a wedding planner/coordinator, I really really really highly recommend having one.  And here’s why: a coordinator makes sure that the things that you haven’t even thought of are taken care of.  She (or he) makes sure that things go smoothly on the wedding day, and that you, your family, and your friends don’t have to be too terribly overwhelmed with all the craziness that is going on behind the scenes.  They also help steer you in the direction of some awesome venues and vendors.  If you have the money, it’s worth it!

2) Is what you are envisioning realistic?
If you are planning to hike to a waterfall on your wedding day, can your guests get there in one piece?  Heck, can you!?  Look, we can all get super swept away in the amazingly beautiful waterfall images that frequent the feeds of the average PNW wedding photographer, but if it is a major priority that your 84-year-old grandma who isn’t super stable anymore to be there, this just may not be the right choice for you.  So, maybe it is worthwhile to do it at a beautiful park or outdoor venue instead!

3) How casual do you want the event to be?
If you have a tight budget, maybe it makes sense to have your favorite local taco truck do the catering!  Or, maybe there is a super-talented cook in your family who has catered events in the past who has offered to help out!  The steak and salmon menu isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally okay!  Explore those options so that you can sort out what is within your price range and expresses you the very best!

4) What type of wedding venue are you looking for?
Something modern?  Something industrial?  Something relaxed and approachable?  The sky is the limit!  Check out your options and see what makes the most sense for you guys as a couple.  Also, don’t be afraid to email some atypical spaces and see if they do events because sometimes they do.

So, once you have sorted out how you want to do this whole wedding thing, you’ll find that things will really begin to fall into place.  It will open up so many doors for you, and close some doors for you.  And, maybe it will even open some doors that you didn’t expect?

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And, to check out more photos from this lovely winery wedding click right HERE!

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