NOTE: This is the fifth, and final, installment in my series about where to get started with planning your wedding day.  If you have yet to read the first installment, check it out HERE.  For the second go HERE, for the third HERE, and for fourth go HERE

Hello, again, my friends, and thanks so much for taking this journey with me!

So the WHEN and the where kind of feed into each other, but for our final installment we’re talking about the WHEN of this whole shindig.

When is your space available? If your dream venue only has one date available, I guess you have your decision!  Lock it down!

But, what time of day do you want your event to take place?  Were you imagining a sunrise ceremony or a sunset ceremony?  Well, look up those time tables, girlfriend, and let’s get this thing planned out!

To some of you, it may sound funny, but another thing to consider is what time of the year your dream floral available.  For my August wedding, I was dying to have peonies, but peonies were no longer available at that time of year, so I was flexible and ended up going in a different direction, but if florals are, like, your super-priority you should probably factor when your dream flowers are in-season.  Also, keep in mind that the flowers that are naturally in-season on your date will end up being cheaper than if you are trying to get something that is totally out-of-season and difficult for your florist to get his or her hands on.

What type of weather are you hoping for?  We already discussed that the weather in the PNW can be a little unpredictable, but to have the best chances at a sunny day, you may want to schedule your wedding in late July or early August.  If you are hoping to have a less-sweltering day and are okay with a chance of rain, maybe late September, early October are for you.

Are there certain super-busy people that HAVE to be there for your wedding?  If so, you should probably give them a call and see when they are most-likely to be able to make it.

What will the light be like at the time I am scheduling my wedding?  If you are getting married outside at noon where there is no shade, your photographer will do his or her best to get you the best photos he or she can, but they might not be the Pinterest-quality images you were hoping for.  And, honestly, it may be SUPER hot for your guests, so keep in mind how time of day affects comfort-level and light.

Also, as a photographer, I can tell you that golden hour really is worth its weight in gold!  Try to make sure that you can carve out some time for your photographer at sunset so you can get the very prettiest and well-lit photos possible.  Though a good photographer can make the best of any light situation they are given, you just won’t get the best photographs possible if you don’t carve out some time in your schedule for your photographer to get the best light possible.

Okay, my friends, good luck with planning, and let me know how it goes!  I really can’t wait to hear about the super-special event you and your partner plan!  Try to have fun and enjoy the process–I know it is stressful and there are so many outside forces putting pressure on you, but you’re only going to do this once, so focus on enjoying it!  Oh, and congratulations again!

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So many hugs!