Hi again, friends.

This blog is for you wonderful, housebound late 2020 and 2021 wedding couples. Since we can’t be social or meet in person I thought I would write this blog for all you couples who have yet to book your vendor team.

I’m going to be completely honest–I’m looking ahead and foreseeing that the 2021 wedding season is going to be poppin’. With all the wedding postponements that are happening this year, I think there will be a lot more weddings than there have been in previous years. And, since we’re all stuck at home anyway, I think it would be very smart to get your vendors locked in now (especially if you already have a date and venue chosen).

So, I thought I would throw together a list of vendors who I love and whom you can book from the safety (and socially distant) comfort of your couch! Honestly, there’s no way I will remember everyone that I love because I love so many of my wedding vendor pals, so if you need more advice or names, please don’t be afraid to ask!

Wedding Coordinators

Madeline Moore Events: Mady and I have worked together solidly for a few years. She is fun and plans a mean wedding! No, but really, she does an amazing job, and her weddings come together in such a lovely way. She also includes floral design in her services. See her work at left! (HERE)

MH Events: Morgan is such a fun human and plans the best quirky and dramatic events ever! She has been in business for a long time, so she really is someone that will have your back in a jam. (HERE)

Keen Events: Elise and I have been working together for a couple years at this point, and I saw her manage a crisis at one of our mutual weddings like a pro last year. (HERE)

Danielle Caldwell Events: Danielle puts together absolutely stunning events. Her specialty is large events, but of course she can do anything if she can swing a party of 400! (HERE)

Peachy Keen: Cindy and I have worked multiple shoots together, and she is super organized an professional. The shoots we’ve worked on together have turned out beautifully! (HERE)

We Plan It: I was lucky enough to get to meet Tatum last month, and she seems like such a positive and joyful human. I have never gotten to work with her, but all signs point to she’s awesome! (HERE)

And there are so many more amazing coordinators out there, but I don’t to overwhelm you!

Wedding Florists

Revel Petals: Marisa and I have worked together on a few occasions now, and I absolutely love her style and her dedication to eco-friendly floral design. She uses flowers only sourced from inside the US and makes things absolutely beautiful. (HERE)

Charming Peony Studio: Yuliya is both a floral and event designer, so she could technically be in the coordination category as well. Everything she touches is utterly beautiful and flawless. In fact, the work at left is hers. Stunning. (HERE)

Sophisticated Floral: Lora makes beautiful and lush traditional (or sophisticated) floral arrangement. Her work is luxurious and beautiful. (HERE)

Swoon Floral Design: Kim’s style is rich, full, and lovely. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her work on a number of occasions and it always looks so gorgeous! (HERE)

Britlyn Simone Floral Design: Britlyn’s style is magical and asymmetrical. I love her designs so much because what she creates must be so hard to do! Making asymmetry work is a true gift and she is amazing at it! (HERE)

Bella Bloom Floral: Jeri’s work is beautiful, traditional, and colorful. What I have gotten to photograph of hers has been so lush and wonderful. (HERE)

Color Theory Collective: Alyssa’s work is color-forward and truly a pleasure to see. She specializes in asymmetry and makes such beautiful, colorful arrangements. (HERE)

Makeup Artists

Brittany Blanchard: Brittany and I have worked together since 2015, so you know she is my favorite! Her work is soft, natural, and lovely. (HERE)

Olivia Hawthorne: Olivia’s team of professionals does a top-notch job, and they are always heavily sought after. Book them. Especially if you have a large wedding party. (HERE)

Kirsite Wight Makeup Artist: I had the pleasure of working with Kirstie a number of times last year and she does such an amazing job with clean beauty. You should definitely check her out! (HERE)

Jovana Combs: Jovana is such a joy to be around, and her work is beautiful. Her look is natural and polished. (HERE)

Tinffany Randolph Beauty: Tiffany’s work is ultra-feminine. Her hair game is on point and amazing. She’s a great choice for sure. (HERE)

Lisa Boehm Beauty: Lisa’s makeup is soft and strong. Kinda like her! She is super fun to work with and her work is flawless. (HERE)

Cake Bakers

(I’ll preface this by saying I can’t eat cake, so I can’t weigh in when it comes to taste, but I love to talk about the pretty ALWAYS)

Dream Cakes: Johannah is an absolute blast to work with, and her cakes are so clean, modern, and beautiful. You will be so happy you hired her if she is your cake lady! (HERE)

Lux Sucre: Chanelle’s  cakes are so delicate and lovely. They truly are filled with magic and whimsy. (HERE)

Next Door Desserts: Carolyn’s cakes are lovely and she has a number of options including ice cream cakes! (HERE)


The Party Place: Party Place literally has EVERYTHING you could need for your event. Their inventory is amazing and wide-reaching. (HERE)

Bridgewood Event Rentals: Bridgewood has a mix of traditional and vintage inventory. Lots of amazing stuff to make your event shine. (HERE)

Archive Event Rentals: Archive has beautiful modern and vintage pieces that layer together in such a wonderful way! (HERE)


NW Film Co: I have actually yet to work with Bryan on a wedding day, but we have shot together and we have a wedding together this July and I really look forward to working with him! I’ve heard really great things! (HERE)

NW Creatives: I have worked with Caleb on a wedding day 5 years ago now, and he was super easy to work with. I saw him again at the Charlotte’s Open House and thought that I should add him to this list! (HERE)

Watertown Films: Craig is super easy to work with. I was lucky enough to work with him on a wedding last year, and he made a wonderful team player. (HERE)

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now, but please email me if you need more suggestions! Or if you’d like me to add another category: venues, bridal gown shops, etc.I am happy to do so, but those might be harder to book from the comfort of your couch!

Sending all my love and so many healthful hopes for you all!

- Lauryn