Hi, I’m Lauryn! I’m the lady behind the business and the person you will be emailing/texting/calling! It’s so nice to meet you! I am a very relationally-focused person and my work reflects that. I pride myself in keeping long and intentional relationships with the people who I love.

I am a loving mother to both my human child and to my four fabulous furry ones. My human baby (she’s a little kid, really), Indie, is my motivator and my joy. We love snuggling and building towers together just to knock them over and to start all over again. Seeing the world through her eyes makes me feel like there is real magic in the world (because, of course, there is). 


Bob is trained as an architect, and that training influences his eye as a wedding photographer. He’s actually been a photographer longer than I have, and has been shooting weddings since 2008!

He is my co-photographer/assistant/hype man during your wedding day/couple’s sessions–not to mention that he is an incredible and loving human to boot! He is a kind, warm and funny person, and I am the (slightly more) extroverted yin to his yang. He is great at shooting wider, more landscape and building heavy shots, as well as all the beautiful, itty-bitty details and moments that most of us don’t see. He is a serious asset to our team as well as to my life. I know that I am being gushy, but, hey, can you blame me?


Indie is our sweet, little spitfire. She hates bedtime (because obviously she doesn’t need sleep…duh). And, she loves all the animals in the world. Her favorite place to go is the zoo, and she could not be more psyched to watch lions (“roars,” as she calls them) on “Planet Earth.” What are some of her favorite animals, you ask?! She loves elephants and giraffes a whole lot, but her kitty, Louis, is definitely her absolute favorite.